We are not owned by any large manufacturer so are free to sell whatever products best suit our customers needs.

Our products include:

A large stock of tyres for cars, vans, trucks, site machines, buses, mini-buses, taxis and more.

Exhausts, shock absorbers, brakes and batteries for cars, vans and minibuses.


All of our products are fitted by experienced mechanics or tyre fitters using the latest equipment.  Although our Enfield depot is completely modern with up-to-date tools and machinery, we offer an old fashioned level of service and will happily go out of our way to help our customers, even with very unusual vehicles.  For example, we once had to source parts for a tuk tuk!

We keep a large variety of tyre sizes in stock and have systems for aquiring rarer sizes very quickly.

Call now for a quote for supplying and fitting any of these products at our Enfield depot.